FEATURE | Kendrick Lamar: good kid, m.A.A.d city

FEATURE | Kendrick Lamar: ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city

This is a feature I wrote for Def Pen Radio on Kendrick Lamar to debut his new album, “good kid, M.A.A.D city” today.


Frank Ocean’s Wave of Curiosity


I’ll have to admit. I fell into the Frank Ocean hype — the Novacane peer pressure of this underrated yet word-of-mouth artist.  And as I was tuned into DC’s 93.9 radio station, the hostess continued to speak her piece about the “channel ORANGE” phenomenon and the mysterious voice behind that album.

She raised two good points as she played Frank Ocean tracks on her show:

1.)Who is this Frank Ocean who has seemed to blow up the charts overnight?

2.)Was his ‘coming out’ letter a publicity stunt to increase his chart climbing velocity?

I have a few things to say about these two interrogative sentences.  As she played “No Church In The Wild”, I began to think about the artist behind the hook of song number 1 on “Watch The Throne”. No one ever pays attention to this kid. He is such a shadow amongst these moguls. This, to me, personifies him as being humble.  The hype is cool in the limelight, but Frank Ocean’s quiet musical appearances and spurts within the industry makes his mysteriousness quite intriguing.

Frank Ocean’s decision to compose a letter and post it on Tumblr was just as sensible as him composing song and putting it on “channel ORANGE”.  What better way to tell your fans and the world about your most personal secret than through the mechanism that made him who he is.  Frank Ocean has a way of constructing sentences, paragraphs and verses that communicate a live dream of what he feels and how he feels.  A letter — genius. A publicity stunt though? Def Jam specifically stated that it was just pure coincidence. I disagree with the rumors and Def Jam. I don’t think it was a publicity stunt nor a coincidence. There is no way you can sit back and look at this humble individual and automatically confirm those types of statements (well I certainly can’t).  I honestly think Frank Ocean did that because he is strongly influenced and compelled by the words in his own music.  The timing was perfect. It was a prequel to “channel ORANGE” — an elaborate and beautiful demonstration of what he is and what his album stands for as a piece of art.  And for those who think that his album name is referring to the sunrise color on a TV screen, you aren’t thinking deep enough….you have to see beyond the satellites.


I think listeners are fascinated, others scared. “channel ORANGE” is easy to hear, yet complex to listen to.


All White Everything

All White Everything

The beautiful Rita Ora was one of 3 female super stars who rocked the stage at the 2012 Lovebox Music Festival in Victoria Park, London. This is what I call showing up in style. Rita performed in white lace wide-leg pants and a lacy corset to complement them. The blazer and fur backpack tied the entire ensemble together. This outfit deserves a solid 10.

(photos originally posted on defpenradio.com)

RiRi’s Urban Runway

I get it. She’s a good girl turned bad. But this whole time my focus was on her conflicting personalities. Oh … but you can’t look past her maturity in the fashion department. Her style pretty much reflects that daredevil fiendish Rihanna we all know and hate to love (well some of us). All I’m saying is she’s pretty street vogue to me. Her fashion statements speak for her. The ensembles that are specifically draped and tailored around her slender physique give real fashion heads a reason to look in her direction again. Hi Rihanna.


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Self Discovery

I’ve been trapped in this constricting cocoon for more than enough time allotted for this type of nesting. Truth is, there is no truth. Just plain old reality in its manipulated state. These new wings are still weak and the takeoff quite delayed. They say patience is a virtue, but what if you’re the one sitting in the hospital lobby? Life isn’t supposed to be easy, plus, I like a challenge. All needed was a chance. And I found it. Goodbye prisoned metamorphosed carcass. I’m f*cking free.

Lakeshow’s Curtains Close Early :/

Image“I’m not fading into the shadows. I’m not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere,” said a agitated, yet ambitious Kobe Byrant to a reporter during tonights postgame conference interview. Lessons are always best learned the hard way. This cliché statement can best describe the Lakers overall 2012 playoff situation. Frustration forced Kobe to the hoop, eliminating the team-concept reflection of his stats with a 42-point/0 assist 5th game series record against OKC tonight (but isn’t that the Kobe we are all used to and expect during clutch hour yet ironically scold when the 12th letter of the alphabet becomes the result?).  The Lakers are now going to have to face strategic trades and personal player self evaluations during this fresh off season in order to suffice for a better bench layout while still giving Kobe (and whomever remains after the trades) the better elements to create more beneficial compounds and overall chemistry on and off the court.  Head coach Mike Brown needs to work on establishing himself in the offensive playbook to balance out his obvious emphasis on defense; the more he relies on Kobe’s instincts to ultimately coach offensively, the more “no I in team” becomes irrelevant. Obviously, we all know what needs to be done in order to be unmatchable contenders next season — execution is key.


ImageSoul is such a universal internal feeling connecting the spirits of our worldly dwellings through music.  Many may recognize her unrecognizable vocals in Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know” track. Encountered in the southwestern Pacific island of New Zealand, is this young singer/songwriter. Kimbra, while only 22 years of age, has apparently done some soul searching with her indie-rock, pop style musical capabilities.  She has captivated this funky style of linear indie ballods, clashing them with cool pitchy tones and instrumentals while saturating it with unique flare and likability. Upon witnessing her music video for her single “Settle Down” (that was the first time I really listened and became an intrigued individual), I was instantly drawn in by her  Eastern Hemisphere, Amy Heidemann (female singer of YouTube sensations duo, Kamin) appeal and florescent vocals. Her album “Vows” is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It’s a great break from all of the pop/dance music that has become the norm for every genre these days. Kimbra is sticking with her natural instincts as an artist and keeping true to the purity of the her music without the worries of being a definition according to music genre standards.

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